picking it all up

by karin

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this album has been written, composed and produced by karin in "chupá del mate estudios"
the album artwork has been created by karin as well.

this album has many influences, and the album creator says that there's probably no direction for this album, and if there's one, is probably the craziest one. that's why this album is called "picking it all up", because karin has picked her favorite songs that she has ever written in english.
she can say that the sound of the album has brit-pop influences, and for the lyrics, she has been inspired by facts in her life. she also says that the songs on the album come from her heart.


released September 16, 2016

karin - guitar, electric guitar, vocals, backing vocals, lyrics, composing, mastering, mixing, production, executive production, art, photography and design.



all rights reserved


HayDuendes Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: hey, brown eyes
Hey, brown eyes,
you've got the "beautiest" pearls.
You don't know
the mess you've made.

Once I saw her,
oh, once I saw her,
I knew I was on trouble,
a beautiful trouble.

I know I'm over you,
But I just know how to be true.
You took a piece of me,
and I still remember you.

Once I told her
That I loved her
She could have run out,
But she stayed, and I don't know why.

Hey, cute smile,
sleep for the nicest dreams.
You don't know
the mess you've made.
Track Name: my beautiful nothing
There's something
'Bout the way you move
You're coming
You're coming
I don't know what to do
You pass by my side
I can't breathe,
and I don't know why

You're my beautiful,
You're my beautiful nothing
You're my sweet and sexy,
You're my lonely nothing
And I don't even know your name
I don't even know what to say
To my beautiful nothing.

I'm a sinner,
I'm a sinner,
I'm the stalker in the corner.
An adventure,
An adventure,
would be looking at your eyes, for the first time.

You pass by my side,
I can't breathe,
You don't even know that...
Track Name: wrong redemption
It's past eleven
And I'm down on my knees
Well, I can't remember if I ever
had another option

For every interrupted
breath I take,
Another new rule
I find I break

So right and so wrong
I feel like I drown when I'm supposed to float

You always know where and when
It's all yellow, It's all blue
It's so kind, and it's so cruel
And all I can remember, not now and then
It's all about you
It's all about you

You say I have to plead for mercy
But when I'm with you I don't even have the right to speak

Sometimes I wonder,
Is there something there?
Between your lungs?
Into the left of your chest.

So right and so wrong
Are you even gonna let me come?

So right and so wrong
It's all yellow, it's all blue
It's all about you
Track Name: baby, why
I came to see you last night
I wonder who were you crying’
It took you so much time
to stop lying.

Honey you can count on me
like one, two, three
And there’s no way out,
now that we’re here, oh!

Why don’t you talk to me
Why don’t you stop being mean
Your know I just wanna know what happens
I just wanna make you happy.

Can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout that
Was it again your dad?
You know I’m not wasting my time
So why don’t we try?

Cause you can come with me
all the times you need
And there’s no way out,
now that we’re here, oh!

Oh, baby, tell me why,
Oh, why, why, why, why
Why can’t you see
When you cry you hurt me.
Track Name: blindness
I feel
The empty spaces
That are
Behind my eyes

They’re breathing
but they don’t say a thing
But I think
I’ll be alright.

Just like anytime
That has happened before
I won’t be shy again
I’ll talk to them.

Word I eat
Feather that falls

And the words come by
My mouth
But it’s meaningless
Just like anytime.

I feel everyone’s eyes
Looking right at me
They don’t know a thing
But they talk.

The sheets
Are way more comfy
And this pillow
Knows too much
Track Name: take it as easy as you can
forgot about all the things I should have said for the millionth time.
And now I just keep going down, it’s no surprise.
It’s funny how we do the same old things but we’re still alive
Maybe those things are not that stupid after all.

You mean, well,
Slow down,
And take it as easy as you can.

Maybe we’re one hundred percent destined to make mistakes.
What’s the fun in doing perfectly, any way.
The fact that I would have run one thousand miles for you makes me sick.
But now it’s time to run all of them and just for me.
Track Name: be my feet, be my wonderwall
I think I’ve found my way back
You know, when everything was right.
When everything was normal
and everything was fine

Cause you know, I’ve been feeling kind of dizzy, lately
I’ve been feeling a little bit bad
But when I’m with you everything’s better
When I’m with you I can go back to the start

And every time I look around
I see your face, I see the sky
And in your eyes
I think I’ve found
the truth I’ve been searching
For a long time
For a long time

Be my feet,
Be my wonder wall
Track Name: a mouthful of grace
A mouthful of grace
Is what everyone thinks they have.
They talk a lot
but they don’t really say anything at all.

I’m still trying to find out
Why are we such an interest for people
Well, I don’t care the things people say
I just care what’s in your mouthful of grace.

I think about you, then, I think of me,
Then, I think about what my momma said.
There could be an us, it could be someday,
But I don’t really want to think about that.

I’ll leave our way on destiny’s hands
Cause I don’t really need more troubles.
Or maybe, this time, you could take care of this
Cause I’m tired of my mouthful grace.

There may be many universes
and multiple chances, but we’re here.
And I’ll stand all the time I want,
One way or another,
‘Cause I need you around.